Jacky Joy

Jacky Joy Jacky Joy

Jacky Joy @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
Jackie Joy is an East coast amatuer college girl who came to Los Angeles, California to make some extra cash by sucking and fucking big black cocks on camera. This is Jacky Joy’s first ever look at a black dick, and she is a bit nervous. Jackie Joy starts off by showing off her hot young body, with a good look at her spread open, little pink pussy, and big natural tits. From there Jackie Joy assumes the black dick sucking position, and porn star Jason Brown reels out his 11 inch black penis for her dining enjoyment! "That’s so much for just one mouth", Jacky Joy proclaims as she jams it in past her gums.

Dogfart tells her that some of Jason Brown’s friends dropped by to watch, be we all know better than that! Jacky Joy keeps on sucking while they sneak in and grope her firm young ass. Then she climbs up and rides him like a stallion, and she starts to cum on him and makes his big dick look like a pudding pop!

Then surprise, Dogfart talks her into letting the other black studs who are watching this pounding blast their loads of cum into her mouth. She runs through all the positions, and the guys start working up her cum treats.

Jackie Joy drops to her knees and has to beg for their loads, and like many first time porn stars, gags on each interracial facial cumshot!

Her tongue looks like a cake spread with a thick coating of vanilla icing. Jacky Joy chokes her way through 4 huge loads of cum and ends her interracial debut soaked in scrotum sauce!

Jacky Joy Jacky Joy

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Samantha Roxx

Samantha Roxx Samantha Roxx

Samantha Roxx @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
Dogfart’s main man Billy has 4 of his black warriors helping to set up the studio lighting for a future shoot. He decides to give them a break, and surprise them with a "break girl". He brings in Samantha Roxx, who is anxious to rock their long black coxx!

They strip her faster than a ripe banana, and soon Samantha Roxx is kneeling down with huge african meat shoved at her from every direction. They fuck her mouth and shove it in until she’s choking, then even more black dicks show up and joins the mouth pumping! She’s like a little rag doll as one after another grabs her hair and just pumps her mouth like it’s a wet pussy!

Now it’s time for some hot interracial fucking as Samantha Roxx gets it from both ends. No doubt about this, Sam is a bona fide black cock whore! She’s like a white pincushion with huge black dicks poking her so fast she can’t keep track of them all.

Breaktime is coming to end, but Samantha Rox is not leaving without her 5 loads of cum. She drops down and starts sucking like a Hoover on acid, and soon it’s one thick load of interracial cum after another pumped into her eager mouth! This girl loves cum, and blows bubbles and does some extensive cumplay before gulping it down with joy! The last third of this scene is just a procession of throbbing black dicks pumping her mouth full of hot goopy jizz. Some even come back to shoot a second load of cum into her mouth, and she just loves every drop!

Samantha Roxx Samantha Roxx

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Jayma Reid

Jayma Reid Jayma Reid

Jayma Reid @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
This insane interracial gangbang starts off in the museum where Max Black and his white women loving entourage are checking out the Egyptian display.

Max Black and his big cock are bored with all this culture and he just wants to bang some hot white pussy. Jayma Reid, who is studying Egyptology, is taking notes on the exhibit, and they suddenly realize that there is a white slut right here, and Max Black moves in for the kill.

Soon Jayma Reid is on her knees with his mammoth black cock in her mouth for some serious interracial blowjob deapthroat action! After showing off her perfect tits she then she hikes up her skirt, and bends over to reveal one of the tighest athletic asses you are going to see anywhere. This is a perfect example of the white booty that is so tight you can bounce a quarter off of it. Max goes right into eating her shaved pussy, and the rest of the interracial gangbang crew starts groping, in between stroking their own units. Max Black slides his 12 inch huge black cock into her tight pussy hole, and she starts sucking whatever big black dick is in her face. It’s a little hard to understand her screaming "it’s soooo big!" with a 3 huge black dicks popping in and out of her mouth.

This turns into another famous Dogfart mini interracial bukkake cum fest as they each take turns firing their huge cumshots right onto her white whore face and

into her mouth while Max Black jams her from every position possible. Soon she looks like a refugee from a sperm bank with her cum covered face shining in the museum lighting.

After Max Black pulls out and fires another load of interracial cum on her writhing shaved pussy, he informs her that this was his second nut….he fired the first one deep in her tight pussy, giving her an interracial creampie without her even knowing or giving permission! Another unaurhorized interracial cream pie. Haha! Only at BlacksOnBlondes!

Jayma Reid Jayma Reid

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Missy Munroe

Missy Munroe Missy Munroe

Missy Munroe @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
Missy Monroe…What an interesting piece of ass! From her wild punk hair and glasses, to her sweet ass that won’t quit, her big tits, one look and you just know she’s going to be a sizzler! The interracial sex begins with Missy Monroe as a massage therapist with an itch for lots of black dick, so she purposely double books her 2:00PM appointment with the express purpose of having her hot pussy double stuffed with black meat. After a little awkwardness from both customers, Missy Monroe just jumps right in and starts sucking dicks like the craven whore she really is! The sounds that come from her mouth while she’s forcing a big black dick down her throat seems more appropriate for a horror movie than a whore movie, but that’s Missy Monroe for ya!
Then it’s sandwich time, as they go through a series of 2-on-1 positions with her screaming through orgasm after orgasm! These 2 really give her insides a massage, as they relentlessly pound her from both ends! After she’s dripping and ready, it’s time to break out the tricks, and they give her the interracial double vag stunt fuck she was craving!
After her pussy gets stretched to Batcave proportions, Missy Monroe kneels down and begs for their loads of cum to finish off with a nice interacial jizz dinner as a reward for her efforts. She completes the job by cleaning off any cum that evaded her mouth and eats it all to end another blistering performance! Interacial cum eating!

Missy Munroe Missy Munroe

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Hillary Scott 2

Hillary Scott 2 Hillary Scott 2

Hillary Scott 2 @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
Blacks On Blondes welcomes back true black cock slut porn star Hillary Scott! This petite slut blonde sweetmeat was such a crowd pleaser last time that we brought her back for an encore interracial porn performance! Hillary Scott told us right up front, "let’s not bother with the pussy, I want it all up my ass, nothing but interracial anal sex!". While Dogfart was talking to her about this, she starts fingering her slutty asshole, and even lets him shove his finger up her rear entry and help warm it up for the 2 huge black dicks about to come.

Dogfart sends in 2 black stud veterans to dig deep in Hillary Scott’s tight ass hole, Weed and Wesley Pipes. When they come in, she drops to her knees and starts shoving both cocks in her mouth for a savage interracial blowjob session! Then it’s time to do a little anal bunghole exploring, and they take turns stabbing their giant black dicks up her butt to the hilt. One is in the butt, and the other in her mouth, and they keep trading back and forth so Hillary Scott gets many Ass2Mouth (Ass To Mouth) rotations. This little white slut just loves the taste of her own ass juices!

It’s a bit shocking to see such a tiny white ass being invaded by huge black dicks, it kinda looks like she is being skewered on a telephone pole! They even shoved BOTH black snakes up her tight puckered anal opening! Then it’s time to feed the animal, and she assumes the interracial cum eater’s position, while they blast her mouth full of black man’s jizz, which she plays with to the camera, then gulps down with a sticky smile for some interracial cum swallowing!

Hillary Scott 2 Hillary Scott 2

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Big V And Hung

Big V And Hung Big V And Hung
Big V And Hung @ SpringThomas.com
I luv football players, I really do! There’s a Negro college, Rosa Parks University, not far from my apartment, and every once in a while I’ll go watch practice. I’ll sit up in the empty bleachers, and just gaze upon all those beautiful black boys, sweating and hitting each other. I swear, if I could, I’d go right into their locker room and take them all on! Hee hee…anyway, after practice I was about to get into my car when this cute colored boy named Big V introduced himself. I asked, "why do they call you Big V?" and when I asked him this I kinda have this way of licking my lips. I’m so sure! I’m a total teaze!! I told him all about my web site, and asked if he wanted to be on it. He wasn’t so sure…unless he brought a friend! DUH! Why not? "All I ask," I told V, "is that your friend packs 8 inches." Big V looked at me and grinned. "Let’s put it like this," he said, "we call him Hung." Well, he *sure* was! And in another week of anal training, Hung works my ass, right before V drops about the biggest black load directly in my mouth! So enjoy this week, boys…it’s a real doozie!

Big V And Hung Big V And Hung

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Candice Cox

Candice Cox Candice Cox

Candice Cox @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
This weeks interracial sex update here at BlacksOnBlondes.com is an innocent 19 year old Boston teen slut Candice Cox that has never been fucked by black dicks. In fact, Candace Cox has never been fucked at all on camera, so this is another of our BlacksOnBlondes premieres…..a completely amatuer teen’s first time having interracial sex!

Dogfart sends in Nathan Threat who grabs her pigtails, and proceeds to fuck her young throat until her eyes bug out!

Nathan Threat slaps her face with his big black cock, and gives Candice Cox’s jaws a stretching by poking them with his ebony jawbreaker!

This tall lanky teen white slut turns into a black dick whore right before our eyes as she grabs his big black cock and eagerly stuffs it into her mouth for some serious interracial cocksucking! Then it’s time for her premiere pokin’, and he bends her over and stuffs his swollen black cock into her tight teen pussy! Candice Cox takes it as best as she can, and because she is such a brave teen slut, Dogfart surprises her with a second big black dick.

Candace Cox alternates between cumming and sucking the second big black cock, and switches it between both of them to get the full treatment! They finish in true Dog Fart fashion when each of these stallion sized big black cocks pumps a load of their horsey sauce, interracial cumshot into her wide open gagging mouth. Candice Cox is an official interracial porn lovin’ black cock slut!

Candice Cox Candice Cox

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Bound & Blindfolded

Bound & Blindfolded Bound & Blindfolded
Bound & Blindfolded @ SpringThomas.com
Another crazy week here at my site! My cameraman wanted to surprise me a bit, and to tell you the truth, it turns me on to be submissive. I like the idea of being told what to do, and how to do it, and so forth…I guess that’s what makes me such a great black cock worshipper. So this week, my cameraman handcuffs me….AND blindfolds me…and then says to do whatever comes "natural", and just have fun. I had *no* idea 3 colored boys were going to be tossed into the mix! I mean I thought for sure one, maybe two (if I’m lucky)…but 3? And all of them had such thick, powerful cocks. I swear no matter how hard they pounded me, they just wouldn’t stop…or nut! That’s the power of black cock!! I’m still working on my ass training, and I swear, whoever when up me this week had to be a *true* 9 inches…I mean I felt like I was about to lose control of my butt! How *embarrassing*. Anyway, I didn’t, and I took it like a good white girl should. At the end, after all the loads were tossed, and all the sweat and mess were done, I discovered it was E. I luv E so much, and I’m sooooo glad him and his homies got off all over me! I can’t wait to do it again!

Bound & Blindfolded Bound & Blindfolded

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Barbie Cummings

Barbie Cummings Barbie Cummings

Barbie Cummings @ BlacksOnBlondes.com
<span style="font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold; color: black;">
AS SEEN ON: <a href="http://www.abcnews.go.com/US/Story?id=3196477&page=1" target="_blank">ABC News</a>, <a href="http://www.usatoday.com/news/nation/2007-05-31-tenn-trooper_N.htm" target="_blank">USA Today</a>, <a href="http://www.foxnews.com/story/0,2933,275393,00.html" target="_blank">FOX News</a>, <a href="http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2007/oct/17/former-trooper-indicted/" target="_blank">Knox News</a>, <a href="http://www.wkrn.com/node/123861" target="_blank">WKRN</a> & heard on Howard Stern!</span><br>
<span style="font-size: 18px; font-weight: bold; color: red;">
Making new across the world, Barbie Cummings story is shocking millions of people. When ABC News, Howard Stern and USA Today all run news stories, you know it’s big news. Here is some of the work that made her famous!</span><br><br>

Man this hot little blonde black cock slut with big tits really lives up to her name! Barbie Cummings looks just like the captain of the cheerleadering squad, but the similarity ends there. She might look like daddy’s little princess, but she tells us right up front that when she gets around big black cocks, she loses all control, and all her morals fly right out the window!

Dogfart sends in 2 big ebony studs, and Barbie Cummings proceeds to slob some black knob! It’s a round robin interracial blowjob fest as she kneels between them, and takes turns feasting on their throbbing huge black dicks!

One black stud drills her slutty white pussy while the other plays jawbreaker with her mouth and deepthroat and they switch ends repeatedly and make her shout for joy! It’s a bit disturbing seeing such a pretty face getting violently fucked by a such a gigantic black cock, but she gasps, and proclaims how much she loves black cock and interracial sex!

Barbie Cummings takes them from every sex position, then kneels and begs for their interracial cum shots, and they each take a turn firing thick ropes of jizz onto her tongue. Barbie Cummings gets her pretty mouth pumped full of their black cum, and ends the scene with a cum coated smile. Interracial XXX at it’s finest!

Barbie Cummings Barbie Cummings

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Niko, Bam & Slim

Niko, Bam & Slim Niko, Bam & Slim
Niko, Bam & Slim @ SpringThomas.com
Boy, am I a naughty girl this week. In fact, I dunno how these crazy bro’s talk me into doing some of this shit!! LOL. This week’s update is no exception! Some of us Southern girls have a secret saying…after we’ve been with a colored man, we refer to the experience as being "blackened". You know…like when you go into order blackened catfish at a restaurant…well, this week 3 niggaz blackened me good: Niko, Slim, and his homie Bam Bam. These guys add up to almost 30 inches of black meat, and I devour every inch this week. In fact, look closely at this scene…these 3 niggaz blow 4 loads: one on the bench (I lick it all up like a good black cock slut) one on my tummy, one in my tight pussy (I scoop out as much as I can and eat that) and one all over my braces. This is, of course, right after another ass session (gawd does Niko tear my ass up this week! I don’t think I pooped right for a week…hee hee). What a day! What an update! Gosh I love this shit! LOL. Enjoy!

Niko, Bam & Slim Niko, Bam & Slim

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