Annette Schwartz Gangfuck

Annette Schwartz Gangfuck Annette Schwartz Gangfuck

Annette Schwartz Gangfuck @
Well, you requested, you clamored, you demanded, now at last, here it is…the return of one of the most depraved black cock sluts on the planet… Annette Schwartz. We decided this event had to be bigger and better than our initial outing with Annette Schwartz, (which still remains our highest-rated scene), so we brought in 5 of the biggest, blackest, dicks we could find, and unleashed the German Tasmanian Interracial Sex Devil on them. Just to prove that she has no equal, Annette Schwarz begins by deep-throating every inch of every one of these huge horse-sized black cocks. You’ll hear jaws hitting the floor in amazement as black men that have never had a white woman’s lips at the absolute bottom of their big black dicks, now have their taproots buried all the way down her esophagus! This alone is more than worth the price of admission, but from here Annette Schwartz takes all these big black cocks in every opening as she is pussy fucked, buttfucked, and DP’d (double penetration) in a whirlwind of interracial fucking that the average white slut probably would not survive! For the finale, we have a full range of interracial cumshots, in her mouth, interracial creampies in her white pussy, and just to show that she’s the queen of black cock whores, she has the last guy blast into her wide open eyes! One of the greatest interracial porn scenes ever made!

Annette Schwartz Gangfuck Annette Schwartz Gangfuck

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